Our benefits for you

People looking for a job today do not only want to work, but usually they make a commitment for a significant part of their lifetime. That's why Meyer Burger offers more than just an employment. We offer a benefit bucket list full of goodies. In German the list is from A to Z, the English translation seems a little messed up in terms of the alphabetical order, but it states the benefits just as well. Our benefits vary from country to country – those are the once for people employed in Switzerland.

Working hours

Flexible work time models, both part-time and full-time, are standard at Meyer Burger, including electronic time management and working time accounts with possible time off in lieu. To keep your work-life balance in check, our work week is only 40 hours.

Business English

Do you speak English? As an international company, foreign languages are part of our daily routine. So for you not to test your English skills in the moment you absolutely need them, we offer regular English training courses at different levels of proficiency. Enjoy!

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a green company, Meyer Burger wants to set new standards in the industry in terms of sustainability and thus live up to its corporate social responsibility. To ensure that the impact of our entrepreneurial activities on society and the environment can be actively monitored, we even have a Chief Sustainability Officer. It goes without saying that Meyer Burger is committed to equal opportunities and takes a clear position against discrimination of any kind.

DU (you) culture

From the CEO to the trainee, everyone is on a first-name basis. This creates trust and breaks down barriers. It also facilitates the intensive feedback culture we live at Meyer Burger. We love exchange and new ideas, no matter who brings them in.

Employee Empowerment

We want our colleagues to work in a self-determined manner and to be motivated and satisfied with their work. That's why Meyer Burger makes sure that you also have the freedom to shape your own area of responsibility. We want you to make the best possible use of your resources. We value the diversity of our employees and therefore promote them individually according to their strengths.


We guarantee all our employees at least 27 vacation days per year. After the age of 40, we even grant 30 vacation days per year.

Health promotion

You as our employee are the decisive factor for the success of Meyer Burger. To ensure that you are satisfied and stay healthy, we as a company are committed to maintaining and promoting your health through various actions.


Cell phone

... everyone has one nowadays. But if you need one for work, then of course you'll get a modern smartphone from Meyer Burger. The same goes for laptops and other work equipment.

International cooperation

We have colleagues from all over the world - and we see ourselves as one Meyer Burger team, regardless of whether your workplace is in Freiberg or France, in Hohenstein-Ernstthal or Hauterive, in Thun, Thalheim, Neuchâtel, Goodyear, Shanghai or Singapore. We work together, research together, celebrate together and all pull together.

Job placement is rewarded

Is your neighbor looking for a new job or do you have a friend who wants a career change? Perfect! If you recommend a person from your environment for one of our open positions and a vacant position can be filled thanks to your recommendation, you will receive a placement bonus from Meyer Burger.


We will be able to present the benefit with K soon. So, be curious!

Long-term commitment

We also focus on sustainability when it comes to our staff. That's why we select very carefully who fits which position, who brings what skills to the table and where there is potential for development. At Meyer Burger, personality counts.

Working remote

Where the job assignment and job title allow, it is also possible to work remotely. The best way to find out is to discuss this directly with your manager.




Sustainability is not only a central part of our company DNA, but is also practiced in everyday production and office life. We offer you a modern workplace and try to keep our carbon footprint low through ecological management. Also we are always open for new ideas how to get eben better on this!


... is always available when colleagues bring something from their own garden. To motivate the employees, the management also offers ice cream or grilled food once in a while.

Private travel

For business trips Meyer Burger pays the expenses anyway. So that you can also travel privately at a reasonable price, you will receive an annual voucher for the purchase of a Half Fare Travelcard from SBB.



Spring water

... we don’t have (yet). But we do offer water with or without sparkles, ice-cold or tempered and always freshly tapped.


Once a year, you have the opportunity to obtain Reka-Checks for your vacation and leisure activities at a discount. This way, you pay only 84% for your Reka money and Meyer Burger pays the remaining 16% - and this exempt from taxes.

Sporting activities

In addition to our annual participation in the Bike to Work Challenge, we offer various opportunities to do sports together. Simply subscribe to the relevant channels in our MB-Live app or the general Sport & Health channel so that you don't miss anything.



Training on the job

Meyer Burger only exists once. To ensure that you can acquire the specific knowledge you need at our company, we place particular emphasis on on-the-job training and education. So don't worry if you're not familiar with abbreviations like RRU or technical terms like heterojunction on your first day on the job.

And again something to celebrate

For special events such as a wedding, birth or a milestone birthday, we will give you a financial bonus. The usual additional paid leave for special events is offered anyway.


At Meyer Burger, we live the team concept - locally, regionally and internationally. With our MBLive app, you can be in the thick of things with just one click - whether it's during your lunch break, on the couch in the evening, or on the weekend. You won't miss anything about what's going on at Meyer Burger, where you can be part of it, or what's new in terms of photovoltaics or the energy transition. You yourself decide on your favorite channels and can also become active yourself with your own topics.



Further education

We invest in our team. It is important to us that you continue to develop professionally. Lifelong learning is not just a buzzword for us, we live it and welcome personal initiative.


Is definitely a reason to celebrate at Meyer Burger. Preferably together with everyone.

Additional salary component

A bonus in the form of a 13th month's salary is part of the fixed salary component at Meyer Burger. It is paid out in Advent so that you can surprise yourself or your loved ones with gifts.